Air Ambush Fortnite experience details

For our inaugural game, Air Ambush, we aimed to captivate players with an immersive and dynamic action game set in a mafia atmosphere. To achieve this, innovative assets were meticulously modeled and textured by our talented developers, using UEFN. Dive into the creation of this game, effectively showcasing PlayNove’s excellence in design. An Entirely PlayNove-Design […]

Unreal Fest announcements

Unreal Fest opening session

We were delighted to take part in Unreal Fest 2023, making the journey from France to New Orleans to connect with UEFN professionals. We had the opportunity to showcase our first games release : “Air Ambush” and “Xingu Fortnite projects”. Now, let’s delve deeper into what’s on the horizon for PlayNove’s future endeavors!