Air Ambush Fortnite experience details

Plane Int 4

The Fiosa airplane is a uniquely luxurious mafia plane with a sophisticated appearance and numerous realistic details. Inspired by the Airbus A380 model, some of its characteristic elements, such as its double-deck quadjet and the plane’s distinctive profile, have been faithfully reproduced using UEFN technologies. Like the original, the engine also has three floors, including a cargo hold, a cockpit, a control room, and seating areas. However, it also includes leisure, work, and private spaces.

To help players immerse themselves in the Fiosa universe, we needed to add other rooms to make it resemble a huge and opulent private plane– Merouane Mokhtari, PlayNove’s Lead Artist.

In total, there are 13 rooms with unique arrangements and functionalities: a cockpit and a control room, two meeting rooms, one recreation area, two reception spaces with a bar, a luxury suite, a weapons room, and three cargo holds with 2 detailed cars. Each room carefully crafted with stunning details, like, for example, TV screens created pixel by pixel.

To tailor this airplane to mafia requirements, the development team decided to cover it with a black veil enhanced by PlayNove’s custom reflection system to give it unparalleled brightness. Our developed reflection system is also observable inside the plane, imitating the varnish on exotic wood panels.

We could have used Lumen for that, but we know its graphic and weight limits. The only option to offer an optimized and quality reflection system to every player was to create our own– Hassan Souleimanov, PlayNove’s Lead Developer.

This opulent airplane isn’t merely a backdrop; it also interacts with players actions and hides secrets to be descovred!

As players progress in the game, they will immerse themselves in the realistic universe and interact with elements.

Immersion is not only about modeling settings that look like reality; it is also about giving players sensations of reality by integrating activable elements like destructible elements in Air Ambush. It is inevitable in a fighting game– Merouane Mokhtari.

Developers have worked on the shooting destruction of various elements, such as glass explosions, screen scratching, paper flying, and unhooking frames, to provide fun and realistic impressions. Some of those activable elements not only contribute to realism but also have fortunate or unfortunate impacts on your story. Some other actions are here only for fun, such as liking the Instagram post on the big screen of the leisure room.

They are like Easter Eggs! For example, if you shoot the fuel barrel, the gas spreads out and can hurt you. If you shoot some walls, you will discover a quick path and a secret room under the plane – Hassan Souleimanov.

Animation is not only with small elements; it is also in the whole environment. The airport where the plane hangar is located is alive, strengthening this impression of reality! Through the massive windows of the hangar, you can see a vehicle ballet and planes taking off.

Offering players excellence in design and vivid animations comes with another commitment: optimization for each console and quality level. We understand that providing a quality experience can be demanding when playing online games like Fortnite, and we want every player to enjoy the best of our game.

All these technical elements and attention to detail are part of PlayNove’s expertise.
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