Air Ambush

Was it a good idea to infiltrate the plane hangar of a unknown mafia ? Not sure… In this fisrt episode of PlayNove’s Fortnite creative game a group of eccentric characters come face to face with Fiosa men in black as they tried to seize a mysterious artefact. The showdown is inevitable, promising an adrenaline-pumping and fun adventure!

December 15 - 2023
Map Code: 5294-6785-6831

The begining of PlayNove's Fortnite Creative adventure !

Crafted like a TV series with various episodes, Air Ambush is the first episode of a Fortnite Creative games campain. Setting in a mafia atmosphe, the game is a reminiscent of an American action movie with a serious and exhilarating storyline.

The first chapter of a long story

As night falls, the hangarat, with its half-open doors and a looming plane, becomes a fortress guarded by Fiosa mafia. A group of Fortnite characters, led by a determined woman, plot to infiltrate the hangar and seize a mysterious briefcase. Suddenly, the team is surrounded by mafia lasers, setting the stage for an explosive showdown. As the screen fades to black and the game begins, players are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next episode.

A game between action and humour

Air Ambush is a rich gameplay experience, blending Fortnite’s combat mechanics with narrative elements. Players will navigate through the hangar, engage in shootouts, and solve the mystery of the magic card. The game’s balance of action, strategy, and humor makes it an engaging episode in what promises to be an exciting series. It is designed to captivate fans of both action-packed thrillers and Fortnite’s quirky charm.

An experience with exceptional designs

The game’s visuals are a testament to the advanced CGI techniques employed, achieved through a collaboration between the Playnove team and AAA gaming artists. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, particularly the meticulously crafted airplane. This plane is not just a prop but a complex, interactive structure rich in details and hidden zones. The airplane showcases extraordinary modeling and texturing, giving it a realistic and engaging appearance.

 Air Ambush is not just a game; it’s an episodic adventure that showcases Fortnite’s capacity to evolve and surprise. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews as we dive deeper into this action-packed series.

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