5 questions to PlayNove’s co-founders and developers

Merouane and Hassan interview - PlayNove

PlayNove was founded as a result of the collaboration between two Fortnite creators, Merouane Mokhtari and Hassan Souleimanov, and a traditional media producer, Olivier Lelardoux (whom we will present shortly). Driven by their passion for the game and the evolving Fortnite ecosystem, they decided to establish their own business. Let’s explore their story and aspirations for the futur !

Hassan: I have always loved creative games, so I started to build in Fortnite Creative upon its release. I used to do it for fun. In 2019, I joined the Fortnite Creator program, which allowed me to release my first map. In 2020, certified by Goodnite, I became one of the first French creators to work on brand projects. Subsequently, some of my maps were featured in game by Fortnite. I won official mapping contests, and in 2022, I decided to quit my studies to pursue my passion and turn it into my profession.

Merouane: In 2019, driven by my passion for designing Fortnite maps alongside my academic pursuits, I gained recognition on Goodnite, engaging in partnerships with brands and influencers. In 2021, while at Beyond Creative, I contributed to craft remarkable experiences. In 2023, spurred by a personal project, I, along with Olivier and Hassan, founded Playnove. As a co-founder, I take great pride in embarking on this new chapter in my professional journey.

Hassan: As Fortnite creators, building a company specialized in the development of maps for Fortnite is a major goal.

We seized the opportunity and founded PlayNove because we foresee Fortnite evolving into a significant media platform. My ambition is to establish PlayNove to the top, as one of the premium producers using Unreal Engine Fortnite (UEFN). What sets us apart is our passionate commitment to quality and innovation in Fortnite map design.

Merouane: The inception of PlayNove naturally stems from my personal journey, during which I was approached by several entities in the industry seeking for Fortnite experiences. The necessity to bring my ideas to fruition and support these partners led to the establishment of a company. PlayNove distinguishes itself with Goodnite exclusivity, fostering a strong connection with its community of over 500,000 subscribers. For Playnove, building a strong community stands as a vital objective as developing amazing experiences.

Hassan: I’m proud to be part of the passionate Fortnite Creative community, and I love discovering the new creations that are constantly emerging. Together, we push the boundaries of UEFN, exploring ever broader and more innovative horizons. I eagerly anticipate witnessing the realization of bold future projects, as they contribute to enriching and redefining the distinctive experience we collectively enjoy in this dynamic and ever-evolving universe.

Merouane: As founder of Playnove, specialized in Fortnite experiences with UEFN, what excites me the most is the unrestrained creativity enabled by the platform. The capabilities of Unreal Engine Fortnite, EpicGames’ vision, and the expansive Fortnite community fuel my passion for this field. Fortnite transcends being just a game; it represents the future of storytelling and gaming. Crafting this immersive experience within Fortnite is a perpetual thrill, with ever-expanding horizons to discover.

Hassan: The utmost satisfaction is derived from finishing the map and observing people delight in playing on it. Nevertheless, I hold a special appreciation for the entire development process. It is a constant journey of learning and exploration. I relish immersing myself in fresh ideas, acquiring new skills, and, above all, challenging myself to exceed the limits of my creativity. Every phase of development presents a chance for artistic growth and reaching greater heights in the pursuit of creativity.

Merouane: What captivates me about crafting maps for brands and players is the fusion of artistic expression and practicality to deliver distinctive experiences. As a creator, I find satisfaction in translating the visions of brands into vivid realities, simultaneously providing players with captivating and memorable settings. The process of map creation offers an exhilarating chance to narrate visual stories, delve into innovative concepts, and evoke emotions within the gaming ecosystem. This, in turn, establishes an immersive connection between brands and their audience.

Hassan: My expertise lies in the creation of high-quality, realistic models and production. My strength is rooted in my pursuit of perfection. I aspire to achieve an exceptional standard in crafting maps, environments, and 3D models.

Merouane: As a developer, I excel in creatively navigating diverse realms, ranging from the vibrancy of concerts to the imaginative landscapes of science fiction, or from opulent palaces to apocalyptic scenes. My key skills revolve around innovative thinking, and my objective is to consistently refine and employ my creative abilities, infusing each project with a unique artistic perspective.

If you want to follow their project, you can connect with Hassan and Merouane on LinkedIn !