Château de Chambord 3rd anniversary in Fortnite

PlayNove x Chambord

Crafted by Merouane, co-founder, and developer at PlayNove, on December 4, 2020, the digital rendition of Château de Chambord is now celebrating its 3rd anniversary!

As the inaugural castle of the Centre-Val de Loire Fortnite Tour, Chambord, renowned for its French Renaissance architecture and double-spiral staircase, provided players with a captivating trail around this cultural heritage. During the opening event, participants had also the unique opportunity to delve into the castle’s history, guided by the YouTuber, Nota Bene.

At PlayNove, our focus on art, culture, and architecture shines through, and Chambord was just the beginning. We thanks The Château de Chambord and Goodnite community for their continuous dedication throughout the project and beyond. Togehter, were glad to host a giveaway on Twitter to celebrate this 3rd anniversary !

Seize the opportunity to win Chambord’s tickets and Fortnite battle passes here.
Map code : 2630-0254-3688