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Air Ambush

Was it a good idea to infiltrate the plane hangar of a unknown mafia ? Not sure… In this fisrt episode of PlayNove’s Fortnite creative game a group of eccentric characters come face to face with Fiosa men in black as they tried to seize a mysterious artefact. The showdown is inevitable, promising an adrenaline-pumping and fun adventure!

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Leveraging the robust capabilities of the Unreal Engine and cutting-edge technologies, we design experiences in collaboration with brands that effectively resonate with and entertain players. Our creations seamlessly communicate your brand's essence and message, establishing a powerful connection between your brand and the gaming audience.


We take pride in crafting bespoke games specifically tailored to delight our gaming community. Within our PlayNove Originals division, we not only generate our own exclusive games but also produce and co-produce Fortnite experiences dedicated to charitable causes. Our initiatives are deeply rooted in our core values of environmental consciousness, social justice, gender parity, and inclusivity.


For our inaugural game, Air Ambush, we aimed to captivate players with an immersive and dynamic action game set in a mafia atmosphere. To achieve this, innovative assets were meticulously modeled and textured by our talented developers, using UEFN. Dive into the creation of this game, effectively showcasing PlayNove’s excellence in design. An Entirely PlayNove-Design […]

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